Dear friends of the Sara Holroyd Oral History project,

As you all know, we’ve been documenting Sara Holroyd’s life and many of her students & associates in order to preserve the heritage of this amazing “teacher” & “friend.” Decades after her students have graduated, Sara’s alumni continue to sing her praises throughout the communities in which they belong. And, at 92, she continues to inspire us all. The work started with the “Tribute to Sara Holroyd Concert” masterminded, funded and produced by Renee Collins and Warren Cobb in partnership with the UK School of Music.

After that very successful reunion concert, the work continued to include extensive research into the University of Kentucky Sara Holroyd Special Collections Archives, preservation of performances that exist on aging films, cassettes and reel-to-reel through the process of digitization, enthusiastic engagement on social media to rally support, heartfelt messages to Sara Holroyd from her students and colleagues via various forms of media in the studio and from other locations and the formation of “The Sara Holroyd Singers” who perform at local festivals and gatherings.

As you have seen through the many posted video clips on Facebook, the purpose of the oral history interviews are showing a direct connection to Sara’s instruction to her students and their successful careers as result of being “A Room 17 Production.”

To date, funding for this oral history project has come from Renee Collins and Warren Cobb.

Over the next few months, we would like to conduct more oral histories with former students, friends and associates, film rehearsals with Sara, film singing engagements, etc. In order to do this, we are raising the needed funds to pay for all filming in the studio and at various locations.

Our first goal is to expand the oral history archives. When complete, the interviews will be gifted to The University of Kentucky Louie B Nunn Center for Oral History. Ultimately, if enough funds are raised (and we do have big ideas), we’d like to make a documentary so that we can tell the world this wonderful and inspiring story.

To donate, please contact me at