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Did you know? Fun facts about Sara!

  • In what year was Sara born?


  • What’s the name of the dog that led Choristers in the dark during the tornado?


  • Who was Sara’s voice teacher at Indiana Univeristy?

    Virgina MacWatters.

  • What two persons were the most helpful during Sara’s tenure fight?

    Don Ivey and Phyllis Jenness.

  • How many times did Sara prepare choruses for Robert Shaw?

    Four times.

  • What did Sara do after she retired from the University of Kentucky?

    She went back to school, got her nursing degree, and became a nurse in the ER on the third shift!!

  • Does Sara have perfect pitch?

    No, but she has perfect relative pitch.

  • What person was responsible for helping Sara get into college?

    Ruth Newman wrote a letter which helped Sara get a scholastic and work scholarship at Peabody College.

  • What subject in college is the ONLY class Sara ever received a D in?